Bus Travel

The Deluxe Motor Coaches in which you will be travelling feature toilet facilities, reclining seats, air-conditioning, mini bar and video.

Assorted beers, wines, sodas and mineral water are available at modest prices. For your additional comfort you may want to bring along:

  • A light blanket and small pillow
  • Tidy snacks that don't drip, crumble or stain in the event of delayed meal stops.

As in all modes of travel, courtesy to fellow passengers is essential and care should be taken that one's own fun does not disturb others. Most tour operators and bus companies adhere to these requirements.

  • Personal music players be used only with earphones.
  • All coolers be stored in the under-carriage.
  • No hard liquor permitted on the bus.
  • No smoking on the bus.
  • Use the toilet sparingly.
  • Keep the area around you clean and orderly

Travel Documents

You should have a valid BLUE U.S. Tourist Passport ( with “status of forces agreement” SOFA certificate). For travel to former Eastern bloc countries, check with your Orderly Room for necessary documents.

Civilian employees and dependents must be in possession of a valid BLUE U.S. Tourist Passport. Civilians with official (RED) passports require visas for many countries and it is suggested that they obtain the BLUE Tourist Passport. Non-US-citizen dependents also require visas for entry into most countries. You should check with your respective Consulate for Visa requirements, as they are always changing.


Please limit yourself to one (1) suitcase per person and a small carry-on bag that will fit under the seat or can be stored above. Label all luggage inside and out with your name, European address (not APO) and civilian phone number. For your convenience and comfort, it is suggested that you include the following:

  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • A fold-up umbrella -weather can be very unpredictable in Europe.
  • A sweater/light jacket during summer travel.
  • A battery powered alarm clock and/or a smart phone as some hotels do not have wake-up capabilities.
  • Necessary electrical adapters for small appliances (f.e. UK).


Discounts are offered for children and are explained in the travel brochures. Infants are required to be seated individually and in their own safety seat. Be advised that drivers can refuse entry if appropriate safety seat is not with infant children.

Suggestions / hints:

  • Bring a sufficient supply of formula and diapers for children - they tend to be pricey in Europe.
  • Disposable bags for soiled diapers.
  • Small strollers can usually be stored in the under-carriage
  • As a safety precaution, hotels normally require that a child under 12 share a room with an adult.
  • A single parent travelling with an infant may have to pay the single room supplement in that it is inappropriate to request than another client share the same room.
  • Triple rooms, if available, may sometimes be quite small compared to U.S. standards.
  • Local hotel and baby-sitting services can be quite expensive, when available.
  • Many hotels are equipped with mini-bars, pay TV videos, in addition to telephones with usually high rates. It is your responsibility to settle these accounts prior to departing the hotel.
  • Cribs or cots can be requested from hotel receptions and the usually minimal cost is paid directly to the hotel.
  • Store all valuable items in the hotel safe; some hotels provide an in-room safe.



Normally, you will obtain the best exchange rate for the appropriate currency at your community banking service. Some former eastern European countries require that their currency be exchanged upon crossing the border where the rate is usually better. Consult your local banking facility for the latest rates, requirements or restrictions.


  • Credit cards are more widespread, but are not accepted everywhere in Europe. Prior to dining, shopping, etc., inquire if payment can be made with credit cards.
  • Personal checks cannot usually be accepted. Travelers cheques are the safest, but the local exchange rate may be lower than at your banking facility.
  • To estimate a budget for your trip, read all itineraries carefully as to the included / not included features - and establish a fund for souvenirs and personal expenses.

Departure Points / Times and Transfers

Once you establish a place and time with an agent, it cannot be changed without first notifying the tour operator INTERRA REISEN. Arrive at the departure point 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure ~ with your receipt(s) printed or downloaded.

  • Weather conditions and peak travel seasons often cause traffic delays throughout Europe. If the bus is more than 20 minutes late, contact the emergency number: 0172-6834510. NEVER leave the area without contacting the company.
  • There might be transfers by mini bus/van/taxi from your pickup point to the next closest location, from where the regular tour bus is departing from. This is saving time and is for your convenience!     
  • Make sure that you collect all your belongings before leaving the bus
  • Finally - and you may chuckle - make sure that you are at the pick-up point on the right departure day

Travel / Cancellation Insurance

The cancellation policy is stated on each tour brochure.

Cancellation and travel insurance can be obtained at a minimal cost and is stated on each tour brochure.



Reservations can be made directly with INTERRA REISEN via website, e-mail or fax using your credit card. Credit cards will be charged 30 days prior to departure! Within 30 days prior to departure, credit cards will be charged immediate!


As soon as we have received your reservation and have booked you on the requested tour, we will e-mail you a confirmation with a ticket.

Pick-up change:

If necessary, you can change your pick-up until one day prior to departure. Please do not change your pick-up point without notifying INTERRA REISEN.

Documents / Non ID-card holder:

Everybody can participate on our tours. In reference to the required documents please check with the appropriate embassies.

Booked tour gets cancelled:

Please note, that your credit card only will be charged if a tour is confirmed. We reserve the right to cancel a tour if the required minimum participation is not reached.

If we have to cancel a tour we will try to contact you immediately via phone or e-mail. You can switch your reservation to any other tour or we destroy your credit card information. You will not have to wait until a certain amount is refunded on your credit card account.

We recommend to reconfirm your booked tour 3 days prior to departure!

Cancellation policies:

Please refer to the particular tour programs.

Single Room Supplement:

Persons booked on share basis must pay single room supplement if no share is available. The single room supplement will be charged after the tour. Share basis means double or triple occupancy.

Website reservation:

Please note that we only check the website reservations and email confirmations with your travel document back during our business hours, Monday - Friday from 9:30am – 6:00pm. If you are booking a reservation at the day of departure, please give us a call if you didn't receive an email reply within 2 hours. Sometimes emails get lost in cyber space, so if you didn't receive any confirmation by email, please call our office during business hours! Check the "Contact Information" page for contact information.