LIABILITY: We are only acting as agents for various contractors (hotels, bus companies, airlines, ferries etc.) and are therefore in no way responsible for the fulfillment of their obligations, nor are we to be held liable for accidents, delays, losses etc. The liability of all these contractors remains unprejudiced. Right is also reserved to program changes and alterations as well as substitution of services listed above, when and where necessary, without prior notice. Interra Reisen reserves the right to cancel the tour if minimum participation is not reached. Conditions accepted upon booking.
Herewith I confirm my booking and in case of cancellation there are fees to be paid. Interra Reisen advices travel insurance to cover cancellation, luggage, health, etc. I authorize Interra Reisen to charge my credit card for the total costs of this tour.

Please note, that it does NOT cover military reasons or travel restrictions.
These reasons are covered:
- Death
- Severe injury due to accidental causes
- unexpected serious illness
- inoculation incompatibility
- pregnancy

substantial damage to the insured's property due to fire, explosion, storm, lightning, flood, earthquake or the intentional criminal act of a third party;

- loss of employment on the part of the insured person or a person at risk traveling with him owing to an unexpected termination of employment by the employer for operational reasons;
- the commencement of a new job by the insured person or a person traveling with him; to the extent that this person was unemployed at the time the journey was booked.

Persons at risk shall be deemed to be:
a) family members
b) the insured's partner or one of the insured accompanying persons;
c) child minders for non-accompanying minors or persons caring for family members with nursing needs;
d) persons who have booked and insured travel together with the insured, and their family members;
e) when more than six persons have jointly booked travel, only the respective family members and the insured's partner and their guide shall be deemed to be persons at risk